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Join Debbie Despina for a fabulous workshop:
Get your "*S Together"

*Spins ;-)

Join Debbie Despina for an exhilarating holiday dance workshop in Manhattan! Lets come together to enhance your dance skills while supporting the arts through Menagerie NYC.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Suitable for open-level belly dancers looking to enhance their spinning technique and those wanting to add creativity to their dance routines.

  • Learn slow and fast turning combinations adaptable to any belly dance style.

  • Gain insights into spinning techniques and Despina's tricks for calibrated spins and fast barrel turns.

  • Dive into the intricacies of slow and fast spins.

  • Get inspired by the line design presented during the workshop.

Venue and Date:

December 22nd - Beautiful studio with atmospheric lighting, conveniently accessible via many train lines.
41 W 36th St. #3, New York, NY 10018 (Close to Penn Station)


Workshop Details:

Duration: 2 hours (1.45min setup-tear down)
Early Bird Price: $45
After December 15th: $50




Be inspired by upbeat Greek Balkan and pop music / translation provided.


50% of the workshop's proceeds support Menagerie NYC's 2024 showcase, championing the arts.


You will enjoy the ambiance of a remarkable dance studio with atmospheric lighting. Depending on attendee interest, we may capture the workshop's end with a videographer.

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