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More than a Belly Dance Techer


I restarted bellydance after a Covid-era hiatus, and couldn't be happier with this school. Debbie teaches with expertise and empathy, a rare combination. Some standout aspects of the classes are the strength-building warm-ups, isolation drills, and interesting combos. You also get a ton of information about the history of bellydance and its style variations. I feel like I can genuinely work on my confidence as a performer via this method. Definitely recommended to those looking to get back into dance after a hiatus and want to feel safe and supported!


-Farah, Asteria School Of Belly Dance Class.

Astoria, NY

Deb's bellydance classes are exceptional! With extensive knowledge in ATS and the Salimpour school, she provides a well-rounded education while emphasizing safe dance practices. Her clear and concise teaching style breaks down complex movements for all skill levels. Deb's patience and passion create a supportive environment, fostering a sense of community. Learning from her has been enriching and joyful—I highly recommend her to anyone interested in exploring this beautiful art form.

-Cat Wilson, Asteria School of Belly Dance Class.

Astoria, NY.

Debbie is wonderful at teaching bellydance. She is attentive and caring.
Been her student since she started teaching in pre-covid era. I have attended other bellydance classes taught by others but I prefer Debbie's teaching style.

-Anna B., Asteria School of Belly Dance Class.

Astoria, NY

"Debbie is an incredible teacher PERIOD! She is great at breaking down complicated movements to cater to the needs of every level. Her style is suited for complete beginners as well as seasoned dancers. I started with Debbie back in 2017 and my technique, style and performance skills sky-rocketed during that time! I went from being able to only execute basic and traditional steps to being able to execute complicated fusion movements and start my professional performance career. Debbie takes a hands on approach with her teaching and ensures each and every student gets the personal attention and feedback they need, even during warm up. Her focus on drills and technique helps dancers acheive those beautiful lines, grace and power. Not only do her classes allow you to become a better dancer, Debbie creates a fun and dynamic environment! Classes are always filled with laughter and humor. You’ll always look forward to going to class! No matter what your dance goals are, whether you want to learn about Belly Dance for the first time, or if you’re looking to become a better performer, Debbie’s class is for you!”


- Prianca Jyotishi

More than a Belly Dance Techer


I have been a student of Despina’s for three years and she continues to inspire and challenge me with every class. Before Despina I had no experience with traditional belly dance or American Tribal Style had minimal experience with finger cymbals and props. There is really no limit to what you can learn under the mentorship of Despina, she helps every one of her students expand their horizon and unleash their inner goddess.

Her classes are more than a dance lesson. Despina draws inspiration from music and unlocks a passion for learning of technical bellydance styles, melodies and movements. Her creativity shines in both her choreography and remarkable costuming. She provides all of her students the tools improve performance skills and encourages us to do it all.

The possibilities are truly endless under her teachings, I am fortunate to have found an amazing teacher in Despina Cartsos and a home in the Mati Dance Tribe. 


-Danielle, 32, Astoria, NY

Debbie is a generous, energetic (and energizing) teacher on top of being an incredible dancer.  I’ve studied with her on and off for two years; every time I return I realize how much I missed her classes.  Being very attentive to detail, Debbie is excellent at breaking  down and drilling challenging moves, while making the whole process fun.  Her love for dance is contagious: I always leave her class in high spirits.  

-Mila Gee

Thank you for the amazing class! It was exactly what I needed-to Shimmy my worries away!  You are an excellent teacher that leads with fun, love and excitement. I was slightly intimidated about taking your class, having no belly dancing experience. You made everyone feel so comfortable with absolutely no judgement. This class is for all levels and is an incredible workout!!! I am looking forward to your next class!! 

-Samantha Polios

Debbie' Despina's approach to teaching FAT CHANCE BELLY DANCE STYLE  and fusion belly dance is one of extraordinary attention to detail and a very professional approach. Debbie’s emphasis on precise attention to each student’s individual needs is admired by all. She creates a surrounding that brings warmth, fun and a relaxed atmosphere that leaves me smiling after the end of every class. I feel that every time class ends I have enhanced another move , cue and combination and for this I am grateful.
In closing , Thank you Debbie for all your wonderful , inspiring devotion to myself and all your students. 

 -Jeanette Melendez 

I ’m so grateful Debbie Despina  was part of my belly dance journey. Going to each class is always a joy! Every performance is on a new level. I’ve learned so much! Thank you for being such amazing person and my favorite teacher!


-Dixi / Dijana Jelić

This year I performed fusion Balkan piece inspired by the Salimpour style with finger cymbals at Dancesanity Stars.  It was challenging for me being a new to finger cymbals but my belly dance teacher Debbie Despina Cartsos gave me all the support and guidance I needed! She always encourages me to give that little bit extra! The MATI Dance Collective spent so many hours of joy while working so hard on this piece!  We did it!

--Dixi / Dijana Jelić

Debbie Despina Cartsos is in love with FAT CHANCE BELLY DANCE STYLE (ATS)!

You feel it, you hear it in her voice, you see it in her eyes. She is takes every move apart and puts it back together peace by peace: feet, body, arms, hands, fingers...  It's fun. Her classes are very beneficial to everyone from a very beginner to a professional. She is sharing her personal knowledge and experience in a very friendly way. Her enthusiasm is infectious. You leave her class with a smile and a thirst for more.


Donation Bouzoukia CLass:

Wanna have some fun on Saturday morning? Come dance with Despina at the Bouzoukia!  Her energy is contagious!  You will learn a sassy choreography and dance to sensational Greek music! She will give you such helpful instruction, along with an excellent warm up.  I have so much fun taking this class, I am dancing the rest of the weekend!


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