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Join Despina's Tuesday Night Class in Astoria! 

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Discover the mesmerizing world of belly dance at Asteria Belly Dance School, nestled within Cathy's Dance Studio in the heart of Astoria, NY! 

Dance Style:  Modern and Vintage Belly Dance Technique. Choreography projects for existing students.

Suitable for ALL Levels: Whether you're a beginner or an experienced dancer, Asteria's classes offer something for everyone! Our experienced instructor, Debbie Despina, tailors each session to challenge and inspire you.

Strengthen Mind and Body: Learn to identify and strengthen essential muscles and body parts for belly dance, including abs, hips, glutes, and arms.


Dynamic and Fun: Our classes are a lively blend of modern and traditional belly dance vocabulary, featuring exciting cymbal drills and mesmerizing layering techniques.


Inclusive Community: Join an all-inclusive and welcoming environment led by Debbie Despina, a community leader who prioritizes safety and fun for all her students.

Comprehensive Workouts: Every class starts with a strengthening warmup, followed by movement training, stamina-building drills, and a captivating combo (mini-choreography).


Record and Progress: Students can record combos to practice at their own pace, ensuring steady progress week after week.


New Challenges Every Week: Experience a variety of new movements and music in each class, keeping your dance journey fresh and exciting!


Convenient Location: Located just steps away from the N & W subway lines, Asteria Belly Dance School is easily accessible for dancers from across Astoria and beyond.

Join us today, and let the movement of belly dance transport you to a world of grace, and self-expression! 

Come as you are, and let's dance our way to joy!

Innovative instructor and virtuoso performer Despina is obsessed with belly dance. The rich sounds of music from her Greek childhood and the tantalizing movements of belly dancers in the Greek night clubs awakened a passion within her to study the dance. Despina’s belly dance adventure started in 2005 in Fat Chance Belly Dance Style, a form of fusion belly dance. She later on discovered the Salimpour institute (AKA the *University of Belly Dance*) through her teacher Irina Bellyrina Wen. Her connection to the dance fueled her to continue her training and exploration by joining world renowned choreographer's Dalia Carella’s classes. 

Despina's unique dance style seamlessly blends modern and vintage belly dance influenced by her Greek heritage and the Salimpour format and Dalia Carella. You can find her performing and teaching in NYC and at various belly dance festival's within the US. Despina is also a proud member of the Dalia Carella Dance Collective.

Teaching in Astoria, Queens, Despina creates a dynamic and enjoyable learning environment for her students, who attest to her ability to challenge them to dance safely with ease, grace, and power.


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