A little about Debbie Despina Cartsos

Innovative instructor and virtuoso performer Debbie Despina Cartsos is obsessed with belly dance. The rich sounds of her childhood and the tantalizing movements of the dancers in the Greek night clubs awakened a passion within her to study the dance. Her connection to the dance fuels her deep dedication to both education and exploration throughout the art.  


Despina’s belly dance adventure started 14 years ago when she began studying American Tribal Style® belly dance with Mimi Fontana and became a founding member of Manhattan Tribal. Under the mentorship of Irina Bellyrina, she gained an appreciation for the legacy of the Salimpour family and the formats taught through the Salimpour™ School. The certification program has been an important tool in her growth as dancer: she is Jamila Level 1 and Suhaila 1 certified and plans to continue studying both the Suhaila and Jamila formats. She also studies under renowned world fusion artist, choreographer, and master teacher Dalia Carella. Mentor and design muse Dalia is Despina’s co-producer for Menagerie d'Arte, "a surreal and immersive dance experience" presented by The Dalia Carella Dance Collective & D. Webb Designs, Despina’s NYC based fashion design house.


An ATS® Belly Dance Certified Teacher and FatChanceBellyDance® sister studio, Despina currently teaches ATS® in NYC and also teaches workshops alongside her ATS® dance sisters Kate Reid and Naja Richardson.; ATS® Unlimited. She is the director of the Mati Dance Ensemble and teaches fusion belly dance in NYC. She dances as a soloist, with her dance company, The Mati Dance Ensemble, Kate Reid, and under Corpus Callosum directed by Lauren J Casper and Lauren Robbiani.  Her authentic love for music and movements is contagious. She has a weakness for finger cymbals, swords and pushing boundaries on stage. What kind of journey will she take you on next?




May 2020 - Boho Blade Apprentice with Belladona Boheme (Level 1 Certified)

November 2018 - L1 Suhaila Format Intensive with Angelique Hanesworth in New York City, NY (Level 1 Certified)

August-September 2018 - Certification of completion Natalie Nazzario's 8 week Mahraganat Course New York City, NY

June 2018- L1 Suhaila Salimpour Intensive in New York City, NY

January 2015 - ATS® Teacher Training ATS Homecoming in SF (Teacher Training Certified)

June 2014 - L1 Jamila Format Intensive with Suhaila in New York City, NY (Level 1 Certified)

June 2013 - L1 Suhaila Salimpour Intensive in New York City, NY



Various Workshops:

October 3rd and 4th: Suhaila Salimpour 2 Day Intensive in New York City, NY

October 2014 - Rajasthani Gypsy Caravan, workshop taught by Suva Devi & the Ustad Arba Music Group 

May 2013 - Rachel Brice "Vintage Stylizations with Spins, Levels & Zils"

May 2013 -  Kami Liddle "Gettin' Hyphy with Saidi"

May 2012 -  Kami Liddle "ATS inspired Fusion"

April 2012 -  Rachel Brice: "The Balancing Act"

July 2011 -  Tribal Pura Workshop with Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman director of FatChanceBellyDance® and Megha Gavin

September 2009  - Tribal Pura Workshop with Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman director of FatChanceBellyDance® and Megha Gavin

February 2009 - ATS® General Skills at the FatChanceBellyDance® Studio in SF (GS Certified) taught by Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman

© 2020 - Debbie Despina Cartsos - info@despinadance.com - New York City

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