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Past Events

Solo ATS & Tribal Bellydance / Fusion Dance:


October 4th 2015 Tribute to Suhaila Salimpour at Jebon - NYC

May 3rd 2015 Spring Caravan - Rakkasah East, Somerset, NJ

January 22nd 2015 Casino Badia, featuring Mardi Love. Red Room, NYC

December 12th 2014 10th Year Anniversary at the Drum & Dance Learning Center, NJ

December 7th 2014 Asteria Indie Collective Holiday Market. Aurora Gallery, NY

Septmeber 2014 Dances of Vice Phantasmagorey 2014 with The Raya Brass Band, NYC

September 2014 Bellydance Lounge. Harrisburg, PA

June 2014  Casino Badia, featuring Mardi Love. Red Room, NYC

May 11th 2014 Casino Badia. Red Room, NYC

February 2014 Sol Dance Center Hafla (Bedouin Inspired Tribal Fusion Solo) NYC

April 27th 2013 at Ceol in Brooklyn, "Shahrazad and Friends (ATS® Solo) Brooklyn, NY

November 2012 Belly Sol Dance Party at JeBon (ATS® Solo) NYC

August 5th 2012 NJ HipNotic Sunday event  (ATS® Solo) NJ

Manhattan Tribal Salon, Nov. 2011  (ATS® Fast Sword Solo) NY

Group Tribal, Tribal Fusion or ATS® Bellydance:

December 2017 Tava's Bi-annual Belly Dance show. Duet with Kate Reid

October 13th & 14th 2017 Maiden in the Moon, Into the Veil by Atlas Obscura.

July 2017 Tribal Heatwave 

April 2015 Teaching & Performing with Queen Hydra at Roxy & Dukes, NJ

June 2014 Queen Hydra at Sol Dance Center's Dancesanity at the Frank Sinatra school of arts Directed by Irina Bellyrina. NYC

June 2014 Queen Hydra at Spring Caravan Directed by Irina Bellyrina. Sol Dance Center Dancesanity.  Astoria, NY

May 2014 Queen Hydra Directed by Irina Bellyrina

November 2013 Bellysol Jebon with Irina Bellyrina / BellySol

December 2013 Sol Dance Center Holiday Event at the Chain Federation, NY with Irina Bellyrina / BellySol

June 30th 2013 BellySol directed by Irina Bellyrina. Sol Dance Center Dancesanity.  Astoria, NY


With Manhattan Tribal directed by Mimi Fontana:

January 2015 ATS® Homecming, San Franscisco, CA

June 2014 Fignment Festival, NYC

May 2014 Spring Caravan, Somerset, NJ

February 2014 Roxy & Dukes in NJ

June 2013 in at the Tribal Mafia studio in Moscow with Mimi Fontana

May 2013 Tribal Fest in Sebastopol, CA.

October 2012 3 Day Event "Travel & Leisure Global Bazaar" with BellyJam. The Armory, NYC.

May 8th 2012 Spring Caravan, Somerset, NJ

May 2012 Tribal Fest in Sebastopol, CA.

April 2012 Cues & Tattoos in Seattle 

December 2011 Collegiate Middle Eastern Dance Conference, NYC.

October 2011 Rakkasah East, Somerset, NJ

May 2011 Spring Caravan with Manhattan Tribal, Somerset, NJ

April 16th 2011 with Mimi Fontana at Drom with Turku, NYC

April 3rd 2011 NYC Vegetarian Food Festival, NYC

November 9th 2010 Manhattan Tribal at Raqs Borealis Bayside Bowl, ME

October 11th 2010 Rakkasah East, NJ

May 28th 2010 New York City's Dance Parade, NYC

May 4th 2010 Spring Caravan, NJ

April 24 2010 St. George's Festival in Staten Island, NY

January 27th 2010 Bellyfusions in Paris, France

June 2009 Union Pool Headlining Zoe Jakes. Brooklyn, NY

May 19th 2009 Dance Parade, NYC

Spring 2008 Queens Library. Queens, NY

May 2008 Spring Caravan, NJ

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