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Choreography Class FAQ's


Happy New Year Belly Dance Beauties!!!! I hope you all had an AMAZING holiday!!!! I miss you all, I cannot wait to get back into class mode on Monday :-D New Year means new choreograhies!!!! Whoot! So I would LOVE for us to have a meeting. If you are new and you are on this message feel free to join the meeting. The following topics will be covered in details. **DO NOT get intimidated by the list, this is just to help you by making things clear as to what is required from you to take the private choreo class with me. So if you have been studying with me for a while and want to perform with the Mati Dance Tribe you might already know the drill but if you are new or need a refresher here's all the info you need:


1/ If I have advanced to the choreography class do I need to take Level 1. Yes. It is mandatory. The basics are broken down in this class and basics for finger cymbals.


2/ Will you be breaking down choreography starting on Monday 01/07/2018? No. For 7 weeks I will be covering advanced vocabulary in these classes with advanced finger cymbals drills. If you wish to perform the new 2019 choreographies you need to take the full 7 weeks. Everything covered in these classes will be included in the choreographies. Formations will come after you can comfortably execute the moves with various finger cymbal patterns.


3/ Do I need to play finger cymbals? Yes. The first choreography you will be learning is a finger cymbal piece. If you need finger cymbals go to: and purchase some, preferably the Suhaila Salimpour finger cymbals or Isabella. If you have finger cymbals let me know and if they are the right weight and sound you might be able to use them.


4/ There are two belly dance choreographies performed on stage at Sol Dance Center's theater show. Can I only learn the professional choreography? No. After successfully learning the 1st finger cymbals choreography you will be given the opportunity to try out the professional fusion belly dance piece. More details about this in February.


5/ Payments for the class. In order to be able to continue the belly dance program at Sol I had to rent form the studio and teach separately. This is something that both the studio and I are in agreement with. The drop in rate is $15 and must be payed in full at the class. If you are paying via Paypal for goods or services send the $17 payment to If there are no fees involved you pay $15.


6/ If I cannot make it to the Theater showcase can I still perform? YES!!! I work hard on making sure you get stage time! Last year the Mati Dance Tribe danced in two theater productions, a belly dance Hafla with Dalia Carella, the Bohemian Beer Garden, Queens Night Market.... this year we will be busier!


7/ I am concerned about costuming costs. I have a solution! We will have a fundraiser party to help offset costs for costuming and props (the props remain under the Mati Dance Tribe). This show will give you an Opportunity to show your new work via solo performances and/or duets. I will also have guest performers. As a team we need to sell out our small show and bring our friends and family.


8/ I want to expand! Great! I encourage that. As I have told you before I do not specialize in *Everything* let me know what you want to learn and if we are not covering it in class....well I will let you know where you can go learn what you have your heart set on.

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